Game The Lottery
What's the purpose of this website?
So you can make an informed decision about how to lose your money playing the lottery.
What is ROI?
Return On Investment. For every $1 you put in, this is the theoretical output of that $1. Since the lottery is a losing game, this will be almost guaranteed to be less than 1, meaning you're always losing money
How is ROI calculated?
ROI takes the total amount of prizes available divided by total number of prizes divided by odds multiplied by the price of the ticket.
Is ROI Accurate?
Unknown, but with the data provided, it's the best we could come up with. It does rely on the general odds to be accurate to infer the total amount of tickets still available. It also needs the claimed prizes to be updated quickly.
What does Current ROI mean?
Current ROI is the ROI calculation above just using the current prize pool.
What is ROI advantage and disadvantage?
The difference between the ROI calculated with the current prize pool vs the original prize pool. An advantage means there are more top prizes available than lower prizes.
How are the estimated remaining tickets calculated?
Calculated from the current number of remaining prizes and the overall game odds.
What are Implied Odds?
Odds caculated on the estimated remaining tickets available and current prizes
Does an ROI advantage over greater than 1 mean I'm guaranteed to win?
Theoretically, if the prizes available are accurate and you buy every ticket available, yes. But practically, of course not
Are you making a suggestion on what lottery ticket to buy?
No. The only winning move is to not play at all.
Do you support the lotto, PowerBall, or Mega Millions?
At the current moment, no but adding it is a possibility. The data is a bit simpler and less interesting, so we would like to make sure we're showing something new and useful.
Do you support other states than Texas?
Not yet, but more states will be coming soon.
How often is this data updated?
The data is pulled from the website daily.
How accurate is the data?
The data is pulled straight from, but we can make no judgement on how accurate or fresh their data is.
I can't find a game listed. Where is it?
If the game is marked as closed, it will no longer appear on the homepage. The game page will still exist and should be able to found via search. It's also possible new games don't have the prizes claimed posted yet.